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The Goatman
It is a creature who has inspired fear and fascination for decades; many people believe in this legendary creature which they think can be found all across America but lives only in darkness. It can walk on both two or four legs and chooses the movement according to the circumstances. With horns and furs, he resembles creatures from Greek Mythology, most strikingly a Satyr. He walks with an ax in his hand, in order to tear apart humans on encountering them.

The legend of this hybrid creature dates back to the 1950s. While a lot of media mentions of the Goatman prevailed in the past, some people still claim to have spotted him. Let’s learn about the early mentions of the Goatman.

How was the Goatman created?
The Goatman was first spotted in a small town in Maryland called Bowie. According to one legend, while working on an experiment on goats, something went terribly wrong, and the scientist was mutated becoming goat-like himself. The furious Goatman then started attacking cars with an ax and started roaming on the roads of Maryland.

Another version of the legend states that there was one man, Dr. Stephen Fletcher. Stephen Fletcher was once working at the US Department of Agriculture in Maryland when his wife fell very-ill and went into a coma-like state. Desperate to save his wife, Fletcher started experimenting on a wide range of new technologies, which included gene splicing. He mixed the DNA of his assistant with the DNA of a goat; the experiment backfired, and the Goatman was created.

In Texas, the origin of the story is pretty straightforward. In 1800, there was a man called Jack “Goat Man” Kendall who owned and sold goats. As he spent all his time around livestock, he had a strong stench of goats. He even wore goatskin. Thus, the people of his village avoided to approach him. One evening, Kendall had sex with one of his goats. This gave birth to a half-man, half-goat. The predecessors of that unusual baby, still existing.

Then there is a story a farmer was obsessed with obtaining satanic powers. In order to please the demon, he used to sacrifice his own goats. When the farmer died, he reincarnated as a Goatman. He now exists with a devilish soul, killing livestock and humans.

The Goatman: A devil
People believe that the Goatman wreaks havoc wherever he goes. He yells, squeals, and makes other great noises in the woods. He attacks livestock and human beings, especially young couples. The creature terrorizes couples trying to sneak to Lover’s lane. He even chases teens and decapitates dogs. The early media attention was conferred upon the devil on October 27, 1971, in the Bowie-based Prince George’s County News. A writer named Karen Hosler had written an article which described that the family of Edwards searched for their lost puppy, Ginger. Days later, the puppy was found dead and headless near Fletchertown Road. The article suggested that a group of girls had seen a large creature, walking on its hind legs, carrying a dog, on the same night Ginger had disappeared. The article also reported that the sightings of such a creature were increasing day by day along Fletchertown Road.

However, soon after, the popular journal, Washington Post revealed that Ginger was alive and found safely. It revealed how a legendary figure was haunting the people of Bowie.

Birth of the legend
The stories of the Goatman might be tied to what students were learning about Greek culture and the half-man, half-goat god Pan in school. Someone might have created a rumour to fall in the spotlight; people started spreading the buzz, in which the newspaper accounts certainly helped.

The legend became so famous that Wisconsin-based ghost hunter J. Nathan Couch even wrote a book on it, titled: Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?

In yet another alleged sighting, in 1962, 14 hikers mysteriously died in Maryland. The strange circumstances of their deaths could never be found. This led people to believe in the creature.

The Current Scenario
The legend just gets passed on from generation to generation; thus, many people still claim spot the Goat man. There is eyewitness from all over the US, including Texas, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. People believe that the creature his home base in Maryland, where he was first seen. He lives in an under Governor’s Bridge and kills people who try to get too close to his cave to find him.

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